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Without Wolves, there would be no dogs.




Aslan face

Aslan came to Full Moon Farm in the summer of 2010 with 16 other woofers. There were an additional ten northern breed mixes that were released to other rescues. Her prior life was with a breeder, who, when unable to provide a quality life for her and the others, released them to Full Moon Farm. Aslan had a severe case of tape and whip worms, and was suffering from malnutrition. She was unable to be spayed at the time of rescue as a result of her poor body condition. She has been paired up with Juneau, a neutered male, and they get along famously. We are pleased that the old owner of these animals now volunteers for Full Moon Farm, and has a new understanding of wolfdog phenotyping and husbandry. Aslan’s birthday is April 18, 2007.

Hi, I’m Aslan. I am a pretty, husky mix girl, and when I know you, I will play bow and be silly. If I don’t know you, I will hide from you! Please sponsor me, so I can get to know you. My picture comes with a certificate!