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Without Wolves, there would be no dogs.




Dodger – Dodger came to Full Moon Farm in the summer of 2009 from Caldwell County, NC, where wolfdogs are illegal. He got loose (chained, no fencing), and Animal Control picked him up. His owner surrendered him to the shelter, and we were called to rescue him. Originally, Dodger was pulled for another sanctuary, but their situation changed, so he stayed with us. Dodger is deathly afraid of cars and loud noises, but great with people. His favorite thing to do is scent roll, so his enrichment includes all sorts of smelly games. While Dodger was bought as a pure wolf, he clearly is not, and is used in educational opportunities to show the difference. We guess Dodger’s birthday to be around April 15, 2007.

Hi, I’m Dodger! I LOVE to smell and roll in different things, like peppermint, fly spray and cheap cologne! If you sponsor me, I am sure you will love the funny pictures of me on Facebook or the website from time to time. I live to roll – it is my favorite thing to do! When you click the sponsor button for me, we both will smile!