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Without Wolves, there would be no dogs.




Glacier came to Full Moon Farm in 2006, when we got a call from the local newspaper about a facility that was being evicted, in McDowell County, NC. The owners were claiming that Full Moon Farm was the only hope to save the animals, whom Animal Control (allegedly) told the property owner to shoot if they were left there when the tenants vacated. We contacted the folks of the old Shadow’s Den, and were told they had a court hearing approaching and only 24 hours to vacate. Since Nancy is a Real Estate Broker, she went to court with the people, and an additional 48 hours was granted to the tenants, allowing time for us to rescue 24 animals. Three of us, with van, horse trailer and a truck managed to get all 24 animals off the property in a four hour span. Within 24 hours all were seen by the veterinarian, and were found to be suffering from heart worm, hook worms, whip worms, giardia, coccidia, malnutrition and deformities. The last seven years have proven this rescue to be the most expensive rescue to date. His birthday is February 9, 2004.

Hi, I’m Glacier, and I do the happy dance! I love to have my picture taken, but you have to sit with me for a long time for me to settle down. I am paired with Hanta, who is more fearful than me, but we love our lives here. If you sponsor me, the photo and certificate will look great on your desk!