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Without Wolves, there would be no dogs.



Our Cats

We have a few cats who roam the property at Full Moon Farm. We jokingly refer to them as the "Excercise and Enrichment Committee." They all know to keep a safe distance from the pens, though they're certainly not adverse to strolling by, or lounging around in full view of the woofers. They really do love to tease! They enjoy human attention most of the time. If you're sitting on the front porch of the cabin long enough, you might end up with a lapful of cat!



Geordie is our resident butterball. She can usually be found near the cabin, chasing (and eating!) butterflies when they're in season or playing with her best bud, Morgana. She is also very fond of dirt baths, and it's not uncommon to see her sporting a sparkly dust coat.


Pearl is our resident greeter. Always quick to come up and say hello, she loves to wander around during Howl-Ins, looking for a handout or a belly rub. She is also quick to tell you that she gets absolutely no food or attention. Do not believe her. She lies!