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Without Wolves, there would be no dogs.





Phineas/Phinny -Phineas/Phinny, Connor and Kaos were seized in rural Alabama at five weeks old. They were put into the "dangerous dog" ward, and never socialized to humans while the case wound its way through court. It was more than five months before they came to live at Full Moon Farm, and are the classic example of why Full Moon Farm exists. He and his brothers will never be pet quality animals, and were let down by humans from birth to seven months old. Phinny's birthday is February 14, 2005.

Hi, I'm Phinny! My given name is Phineas, but it is not a 'fun' name and I like to have fun with my brother, Connor! I have been told I am handsome, and I have more wolf content than my brothers. You can be the judge of that when you buy a sponsorship package and receive my handsome photo!