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Without Wolves, there would be no dogs.




pippiPippi came to Full Moon Farm from Toledo, OH. One of a rescue of nine pups, Pippi "Shortstocking" had a broken leg either at birth, or shortly after birth. Canines have growth plates in their legs, and this type of severe break damages the plates. She is smaller in size than her littermates, and the broken front leg is noticeably shorter than the other. At one point, amputation had been discussed, as had a prosthesis. Ultimately, it was decided to leave her leg as is. It doesn't slow her down, and she uses it like it was full sized, resulting in a muscle bound shoulder that makes her look even more peculiar! Pippi also has a lot of spunk for her size and likes to attack weed eaters and lawn mowers. Sometimes, she tends to boss her sister, Sissy, too. Pippi's birthday is November 30, 2007.

Hi, I'm Pippy and I'm cute! Even though I am handicapped, I am quick on my feet! I suffer from "stranger danger" syndrome, and will hide if scared. If you sponsor me and come to visit, you will have to sit still for a while before I will come and see you! Please click the sponsor button and do your part to help the handicapped!