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Without Wolves, there would be no dogs.




ramses2Ramses came to Full Moon Farm in March of 2005, from a shelter in WV, with his mom, dad and brother, Sugar Bear. Ramses and Sugar Bear were born as Nancy was in transit to pick the parents up. Belle, his mother, put Ramses out of the den at seven days old, and he was bottle fed and raised with people. His brother was left with mom until eight weeks old. In the way of nature vs. nurture, Ramses is far more social than Sugar Bear, and in the way of genetic roulette, he is far more "wolfy" than his brother. Ramses was paired with Jody in late 2005, and they have been together ever since. Ramses loves who he loves, and ignores those he doesn't. He is a gorgeous boy! Ramses's birthday is March 30, 2005.

Hi, I'm Ramses, and just as stately as the Pharaoh I am named after! You can add "I sponsor a Pharaoh" to your resume by clicking the sponsor button! My photo will be a handsome addition to your collection.