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Without Wolves, there would be no dogs.





River came to Full Moon Farm via Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in the fall of 2009. They had been trying to place him, but were having no luck finding a good home for a mid-content wolfdog. He had learned some basic skills, and had been well socialized. As he is so handsome and outgoing, it was decided to see if he would work as an "ambassadog." It is a role in which he has excelled. River enjoys going out and meeting people, and is a fantastic representative for wolfdogs. His birthday is February 1, 2009.


Hi, I'm Whiver, the Ambassadog! I have a Facebook page, and love to give my sponsors recognition! So, if you want to see your name in print, sponsor me, Whiver, and I will tell the world! Arrrooooo!

I have my vewy own Facebook page! Come be my fwiend!!!

River's Facebook page