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Without Wolves, there would be no dogs.




Sheba hd

Sheba came to Full Moon Farm in August of 2013 through The Lexus Project, via another rescue. Sheba got loose and attacked a smaller animal, as northern breeds will often do. The owners paid for the medical care of the smaller dog, and the Lexus Project, a group of attorneys, saved her life. They originally placed her with a dog rehab facility, with the hope of her being adopted into another home, but unhappy alone, she made her displeasure known, and Full Moon Farm was contacted about sanctuary for her. We are happy to have her, and she is known as 'Wolfdog Lite', as she is a very low content animal.

Hi, I'm Sheba. I think I am Queen Sheba, and am very demanding of my servants. If I have my preference, I wish to be fed first, petted first, scooped first and walked first. Since I am the Queen, I would love to have more sponsors than anyone else! Will you help me be the Queen? My picture will show my royal stature.