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Without Wolves, there would be no dogs.





Shylo came to Full Moon Farm in August of 2011 from Beaufort County, SC. Shylo, formerly known as Shadow, was seized in an abuse case, which was tried and the owner found guilty. Suffering from malnourishment and a bad case of whip worms, he gained weight rapidly and was pronounced in perfect health when neutered in October of 2011. Shylo is one of the female volunteers' favorites, as he is very fearful of men but "loves the ladies." He has blossomed into a handsome, healthy animal. Shylo's birthday is April 5, 2007.

Hi, I'm Shylo! Will you please sponsor me? I guarantee you will marvel at my handsomeness, and be proud to share it with your friends! Click on the sponsor button, and get prepared to be captivated by my awesomeness!