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Without Wolves, there would be no dogs.




sunshineSunshine and his siblings came to Full Moon Farm the first time in September of 2005, and the second time in July of 2006. Bred at a roadside zoo in Indiana, and abandoned at a vet's in Ohio, North Coast Wolfdog Rescue brought them to the farm at roughly four and a half months old. Sunshine and his brother Shadow were adopted by an experienced owner and sent to California for their new life. They promptly escaped from their yard, and had to be captured and re-rescued by Full Moon Farm the following year. Sunshine and his brother Shadow have a large enclosure in the woods, and prefer to stay away from people. Sunshine had an injured eye at the time of capture that is still healthy, although he cannot see out of it. He has warmed up to a few volunteers. His birthday is April 23, 2006.

Hi, I'm Sunshine! Some of the greatest photos taken at the farm are of me! Wouldn't you like one? Just click the sponsor button and PICK ME, and you will be glad you did. I am a handsome lad!