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Mission: The mission of Full Moon Farm is to provide assistance, and/or a safe haven, to wolfdogs in need of rescue from abusive situations, owner surrenders and animal control agencies, and to educate the public about these "special needs" animals.

Results: We currently house over 60 wolfdogs that have been rescued. We provide their daily needs and care as needed to give them a happy life for these animals. We have spent a great deal of time so far this year fundraising for new housing enclosures and repairs as well as backup power sources for use during storm outages at the sanctuary.

Target demographics: Animals, primarily wolfdogs, wolf hybrids and wolf dogs.

Direct beneficiaries per year: wolfdogs by bringing 35 into our facility, assisting owners in crisis, and educating hundreds of people about the "myth" understood wolfdog.

Geographic areas served: Continental United States

Programs: Full Moon Farm is an organization dedicated to the well being of the wolfdog (wolf hybrid) and as an educational center for the public. We operate as a sanctuary for abused and refused wolfdogs who find themselves in need of love, shelter, and care.


Global Giving

Will Howl For Food


Full Moon Farm relies on the generosity of its donors to operate. Food is an ongoing necessity for the animals. Providing a healthy diet for our animals is our largest monthly expense. Guaranteeing that each wolfdog receives appropriate nutrition daily is an expense that can never be postponed. It costs the sanctuary approximately $2,500 per month to properly feed the animals. It is a challenge each month to ensure that we obtain enough funding to accomplish this task.


Filling the food pantry each month through this project will provide the needed kibble for all animals at the sanctuary. It will allow each animal to continue on a diet that is necessary to ensure proper nutrition for optimum health and quality of life.

Long-Term Impact

Food is a necessity for all living creatures. Providing the best nutrition is necessary for all of the wolfdogs at the sanctuary. Your donation will allow them to continue living healthy lives in a safe and loving environment. We are requesting funding assistance for 6 months of our food budget, to allow us to continue our mission of sanctuary for the abused and refused wolfdog residents.



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