Why You Matter.


These wolfdogs often have had nothing to call their own--no experiences or memories that aren’t tied into a bewildering knot of human expectation, emotion, and cruelty. They have frequently spent most of their lives in abusive situations or in states of neglect. Roles were forced upon them against their will--held without care or adequate food in squalor as status symbols, failed guard dogs forgotten in the back yard or locked in the shed, home breeders looking to make an easy wad of cash off of "wolf puppies," and, worse, animals that exist only to make their master feel strong when they cringe away from a blow.

At Full Moon Farm, we seek to reverse the lives they have led up to this point. We try to give the wolfdog power over its own decisions and experiences--offering an escape route, a safe place, but always the opportunity for positive human interaction. Our goal is to socialize the scared and abused and to give them something that is truly their own--an identity and life of experiences that are positive. We keep them well fed, healthy, entertained, and in good company.

Despite our successes, we find our facility always full. Every day there are too many rescues, too many unwanted animals to keep up with, and the problem shows no sign of getting better without continuous educational outreach programs and working with local and state officials on responsible laws and management policies.

Your donation is the ONLY reason we are able to provide services to these special animals and to the community. We count on people like you to allow us to provide food, healthcare, and enrichment for our charges. We count on people like you to help give a voice for the wolfdogs and wolves that have had theirs silenced--a voice against abuse, neglect, irresponsible breeding, and uninformed legislation.

THANK YOU for giving what you can. Together we can make a difference in the world and turn around the lives of many who would otherwise have no hope.

If you have questions about donating, please contact us at